National Flu Immunisation Programme 20/21.

The flu vaccination programme has been expanded this year to protect vulnerable people and support the NHS. 

As well as usual eligible patients e.g over 65s, at-risk patients, pregnant women and children between 2 & 3. A free flu vaccine will also be available to:

  • People who are on the shielded patient list and members of their household
  • All school year groups up to year 7 (all school children will be vaccinated at school)
  • People aged 50-64

These individuals will be vaccinated in November and December following prioritisation of other eligible groups and subject to vaccine supply.   

Carers are also eligible for the free flu vaccination (as the welfare of the person they care for may be at risk if the carer falls ill). If you have a carer who is registered at this practice, please let them know we can give them the vaccine free of charge as well.

If you decide not to have the vaccination please let us know so we can enter this onto your medical records.

We will be contacting patients either via letter or SMS to arrange appointments when we receive further vaccine supply.