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by IronFelix gave Hereward Medical Centre a rating of 5 stars

Hereward Medical Centre

I've use the Hereward Medical Centre since leaving the military system in 20111.

My experience of this service is exemplary. My nominated doctor (yep, you read that correctly) and I have built an outstanding relationship and I am fully integrated into the decision making process regarding my care.

The single best thing about my doctor patient relationship is that my doctor asks me what my expectation of care is every time I present. We then discuss options. It's priceless.

Visited in January 2018, Posted on 17 January 2018

by Laura gave Hereward Medical Centre a rating of 5 stars

Excellent care

Over the last 6 months I have had a lot of contact with the practice on behalf of my husband who has had significant complex health problems. On every contact I have found everyone ready to listen and help with any problems. The receptionists are very caring and professional and are always able to offer my husband an appointment with either a nurse or a doctor or arrange for a doctor to ring him back, whichever is deemed to be appropriate. The doctors and nursing staff at this practice offer excellent care, understand the problem and always have time to listen. The care is second to none

Visited in January 2018, Posted on 12 January 2018