Services We Provide


Antenatal Clinic

You do not need to see a GP for referral to the midwife if you are pregnant. The midwives at the hospital have set up a route for self-referral, which in turn allows the local midwives to arrange your care.

You should register your pregnancy with Peterborough & Stamford Hospital:

  1. You should access Peterborough City Hospital website:
  2. On the tool bar across the top of the page select 'Wards and Departments'
  3. This will open the page where you will should select 'Maternity Department'. 

Within that section is the Maternity Self-Referral form. This form MUST be completed and submitted in order for your notes to be released from the hospital system to the midwife.  The form must be submitted so that your booking appointment with the midwife can take place.

antenatal appointments are at the children's centre located next to the Bourne leisure centre. The below link mentions the time of the midwife clinic.

The midwives are based at Bourne Childrens Centre, located next to Bourne Leisure Centre. If you become pregnant you will be given a booking appointment at which the midwife will ask you a few questions and carry out some general health checks.  The first appointment may take up to one and a half hours to complete.  You will be seen regularly throughout your pregnancy.   Please click here  to go through to the Bourne Childrens Centre website.

Clinics are held at Bourne Children’s Centre, Queen’s Road, Bourne, PE10 9DX. Tel: 01778 395895


Child Health & Immunisation

The Health visitors are based at Bourne Health Clinic.  All new babies are invited for regular check-ups from 8 weeks old.

Childhood immunisations are undertaken by the Practice Nurses at the surgery.  Please telephone 01778 393399 to make the appointment when your baby reaches the appropriate age.

The schedule of immunisation for children is accessed by clicking on 'Family Health' in the banner at the foot of the page. 


Minor Surgery

Tuesday 14:00 – 17:00 (Monthly - by appointment only)

Minor operations can be done in our treatment room. Please discuss this with your doctor first, who will arrange for you to be given an appointment.



By appointment

Led by our nursing team, this clinic offers advice and general health check-ups to patients diagnosed with diabetes.



By appointment

Asthma sufferers can make an appointment to attend this clinic for advice and support from our nurses who specialise in asthma care.


Coronary Heart Disease

By appointment

This is run by one of our nurse practitioners. This clinic gives advice and support for those patients suffering from coronary heart disease.


Anticoagulation Clinic

By appointment

These clinics are held every Monday afternoon, Wednesday morning and Friday morning.


Immunisations and Travel Vaccinations

Our nurses are trained in giving childhood and travel immunisations as well as checking the requirements for travel to many worldwide destinations.



One of our GPs can carry out acupuncture. Please let our staff know when making an appointment that you wish to this Doctor.


Cervical Cytology (smear tests)

This service is for women between the ages of 25 and 65 and our Nursing Team carry out this procedure. When you make an appointment please be aware that you will be asked some questions by the staff to ensure that the procedure is carried out at the appropriate time.


NHS Health Checks

NHS Health checks are available to patients between the ages of 40-74.  We are writing to patients on a monthly basis to invite them for a fasting blood test.  This should be followed at least one week later by a 20 minute health check with a Healthcare Assistant.

If you would like a health check and do not want to wait for an invite letter please contact the surgery and ask to book one. 

Please note that you are eligible to have a health check  once every 5 years.


Other Healthcare Service

For any primary care services not provided by our practice, you should contact NHS England (Lincolnshire) on 01522 513355 to find out where you can receive these services.