PCN Staff

Our Primary Care Network staff are members of staff who are mainly based at Lakeside Healthcare Bourne but are employed by the Four Counties PCN (Bourne & Stamford Lakeside). We have a wide variety of PCN professionals working within Lakeside Bourne. 

First Contact Practitioners

We have two First Contact Practitioners at the Practice, who can help patients with joint aches and other musculoskeletal problems.

Sam Cheffins

Amr Shaker

Pharmacy Team 

Huda Foley

Clinical Pharmacist

Fahad Imtiaz

Clinical Pharmacist

Jane Proffitt

Clinical Pharmacist

Clare Greensmith

Pharmacy Technician 

Emma Burgess

Pharmacy Technician 

Occupational Therapist

Lola Dack

PCN Care-Coordinators

Erika Barnett

Anita Lyons 

Social Prescribing Link Workers

Joanna Dunlop