PPG Minutes 18th July 2022

  • Present:  Roberta Roulstone (Chair),  Sue Armstrong,  Monica Sage,  Tracey Mason (Practice Manager),  Dr Ashley-Norman,  Denika Wilmot (Assistant Practice Manager),  Alastair Cowie.
  • Apologies:  Katya Petrova
  • Minutes of the last meeting:  Approved.


Actions from last meeting

  • Sue reported that the notice board had improved
  • Funding has not yet been sought from the local council as we need to decide on the role of the PPG to make the case
  • There were good responses from careers teachers at both Bourne Academy and Bourne Grammar School but as the students have to be patients at the surgery to be part of the PPG, no one came forward

PCN: Jay sent his apologies and asked for emails to send information explaining the role of the PCN. Tracey Mason explained what was involved in the new contracts, particularly how it deals with out of core hours service.  The practices in Stamford and Hereward will share the increased workload to include later hours in the week and all-day Saturday.  This will put pressure on the GPs with the increase in hours.

Practice Update

  • CQC Feedback – No report received yet
  • DOCTRIN: Feedback has been very positive and compares very favourably with the rest of Europe:
    • 2474 created cases with an average patient rating of 3.66/4
    • Of 1170 ratings: 93.3% said they received sufficient information
    • Of 1060 ratings 99.1% said they were met with compassion
    • Of 1083 ratings  94.9% said they would recommend to others
  • Dr Ashley-Norman explained that he had now become a NED (Non-executive Director) and the surgery had been subject to negative social media.  He plans to address this and there was a discussion regarding how the PPG could help with negative press and promote positive news items
  • Tracey Mason reported that the surgery now has a fully staffed nursing team
  • The Practice is currently recruiting a salaried GP
  • 2 locum GPs will support the practice during August

Annual Survey

  • Generally a positive report
  • Dr Cole summarised the negative comments to form part of an action plan for improvement
  • Report to be included on the website

Action:  Roberta to email previous survey for comparison

National GP survey

On the comparison page, Hereward Practice scored above the National average on all but one question.

PPG Role

It was agreed that, as a group, the PPG should be more active in engaging with patients.
The first action we need to take is to improve our profile on the website.

Action: Alastair agreed to look at other PPG websites and get ideas for the design and content of our own.

It was agreed that the group have an interim meeting to discuss the website prior to the next meeting.

Action: All members to email dates of availability to Roberta.

Lincolnshire Diagnostic Hubs

Sue requested a discussion regarding the diagnostic hubs.  Tracey explained that most patients are sent to Peterborough or Market Deeping for diagnosis and that it is unlikely that there will be a Diagnostic Hub in the south of the county.

AOB: Roberta requested that the group consider being vice chair or secretary – to be discussed at the next meeting.