What we can do

What can a PGG do?

  • Discuss constructive suggestions for improving the practice and share concerns that could affect the wider practice population
  • Organise health-focused events with the practice, i.e. healthy eating awareness as an information event for all practice patients to attend
  • Create a patient survey with practice staff, to get feedback about the practice from the rest of the patient population
  • Assist the practice in making sure their website is ‘Patient Friendly’
  • Invite health and voluntary professionals to PPG meetings, for PPG members to remain informed and updated about local opportunities for patients. Our chairperson is a full member of the National Association of Patient Participation (NAPP). 

What can a PPG not do?

  • PPG members cannot provide any medical advice to other patients,
  • PPG members cannot deal with personal/medical issues
  • PPG members cannot get involved in individual patient complaints. These should be dealt with following the practice’s already established procedures.